Small Potatoes Gleaning Project

Bringing local farms’ bounty to the hungry.

Gleaning is the ancient practice of gathering food left in the fields after harvest. Small Potatoes Gleaning Project takes this age-old practice and puts it into action in Whatcom County. Small Potatoes’ volunteers annually glean more than 120,000 pounds of produce from local farms and deliver the fruits and vegetables to area food banks, soup kitchens, and feeding programs.

We have agreements with more than a dozen local farmers who don’t want the food they’ve grown to go to waste. Farmers call Small Potatoes after their fields have been harvested.

Our volunteers respond to the call and rescue more than 60 tons of fresh, local produce for Whatcom County’s hungry.

Spend time working with other great people in the beauty of local farmlands while making a real difference in our community. Become a Small Potatoes volunteer today.

Help rescue local produce for programs that feed the hungry.

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