Drive Through Update

Beginning soon, drive through users will be able to reserve a pre-packed box in advance.

Why are we doing this? 

There is a significant funding source that wants us to collect names, addresses, and the ages of household members. They have wanted us to do this for most of the time that we have operated this drive-through service, and we have chosen to be out of compliance. Finally, we are at a point at which we must comply. 

Reserving a box in advance will be optional, but registering will not be optional. If you do not reserve in advance, you must register on-site just like at our Ellis Street free grocery store. 

However, we see this as an opportunity to improve this service. Reserving in advance will be a quicker option and will come with some perks: 

  1. Reserving will allow us to guarantee you the box type that you prefer: vegan, gluten-free, Latin American, or basic
  2. Eventually, we will have two separate car lines–one for reserved boxes and one for non-reserved boxes. We anticipate that the ‘reserved’ line will move more quickly.
  3. Capacity issues have meant we’ve been limiting drive through users to one box per household; picking up for two households has not been permitted for several months. If you reserve in advance, you will be able to pick up for two households (BOTH need to be reserved in advance)


To give our staff and volunteers time to prepare for this change, the drive-through will be closed on Tuesday, 5/28.

Questions? We are happy to answer them to the best of our ability. Please send us an email at:

This page will eventually have a link to a sign up form.

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