Board & Staff

Dedicated people. Feeding hungry families. That’s what our board and staff are all about.

Learn why our staff love working here…and what their guilty pleasures are!


Mike Cohen,
Executive Director

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Nobody’s sure exactly what he does, but he’s there every day.

Guilty Food Pleasure

Anything fried, oysters, potatoes, veggies…

What’s to love about working at BFB

Incredible people everywhere.

Nina Cathersal,
Office Administrator

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Supporting all of our work, a REALLY big job.

Guilty Food Pleasure


What’s to love about working at BFB

All of the people—volunteers, clients, staff and board.

Kristin Costanza,
Donor Stewardship Coordinator

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She gets to say “thank you” a lot.

Guilty food pleasure

Coconut milk cookie dough ice cream!

What’s to love about working at BFB

I get to be a part of so many people’s story of hope, and connect members of our community with their passions.

Max Morange,
Agricultural Programs Coordinator

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Fancy title for head dirt guy. If it grows locally, he’s interested.

Guilty food pleasure

Stinky cheese.

What’s to love about working at BFB

The positive attitude of our staff, clients, and donors.  Fresh and healthy food for everyone–a small good thing in a world full of challenges.

Julia Raider,
Garden Project Coordinator

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Empowering others to get their hands in the soil and grow their own produce.

Guilty food pleasure


What’s to love about working at BFB

The compassionate nature of staff and volunteers is endlessly inspiring. The Garden Project, in particular, creatively builds community connection and health. I love it all!


Drew Butler,
Operations Manager

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The lucky one. He spends more time with volunteers and the families we serve than any other staff member.

Guilty Food Pleasure

Chanterelle mushrooms sautéed with butter.

What’s to love about working at BFB

Loves the food bank because of all of the fabulous volunteers.

Matt Cooper,
Warehouse Manager

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He moves food, lots of it, like 6 million pounds a year.

Guilty Food Pleasure

Anything from the sea…. cooked or not.

What’s to love about working at BFB

Working with interesting,  good hearted people.

Melanie Danner,
Grocery Rescue Trucker

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Happily rescuing thousands of pounds a day from food destined for the dumpster.

Guilty Food Pleasure

Too many to count (but we are guessing pickled pigs feet are on the list).

What’s to love about working at BFB

Supporting my community and seeing the interesting and strange food that comes through the food bank.

Bob Norton,
Finance Director

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Chief bean counter-dried beans and other types.

Guilty Food Pleasure

BBQ Bacon Blue Ring Burger from Fiamma Burger.

What’s to love about working at BFB

I get to work with great people every day, helping hungry people have enough to eat.

Roland VandenBos,
Facilities Assistant

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Most understated title and staff member. He’s everywhere, never stops moving, and is older than the rest of us.

Guilty Food Pleasure

Spanish chorizo or smoked meats.

What’s to love about working at BFB

Loves the food bank because of the volunteers who choose to spend their time making a difference.



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