Small Potatoes Gleaning

Bringing local farms’ bounty to the hungry.

Gleaning is the ancient practice of gathering food left in the fields after harvest. Our Small Potatoes Gleaning Project takes this age-old practice and puts it into action in Whatcom County. Small Potatoes’ volunteers annually glean more than 200,000 pounds of produce from local farms, and then we deliver these fruits and vegetables to area food banks, soup kitchens, and feeding programs.

Our volunteers rescue more than 100 tons of fresh, local produce for Whatcom County’s hungry every year. That’s enough fruits and veggies to make 400,000 salads. That’s a lot of salad!

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Small Potatoes Gleaning Opportunities

Small Potatoes Gleaning Project works with local farms to recover vegetables that would be plowed back into the ground. Volunteers glean more than 200,000 pounds of produce each year and deliver to more than two dozen food banks and meal programs across Whatcom County.

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Food Bank Fresh

By partnering with local famers in the Winter, we get a bounty of fresh food, at very reasonable prices, in the Spring and Summer. It’s a win-win.

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Grocery Rescue

Food waste is an issue that contributes to hunger, and we applaud our local food retailers for their efforts to reduce their waste. The majority of what gets rescued by the Food Bank ends up with families, but even the items that are no longer fit for human consumption help to create compost and feed livestock, in…

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Victory Gardens

Our Victory Gardens program encourages home gardeners to donate surplus produce to Bellingham Food Bank. Each year our families benefit from more than 50,000 pounds of food donated from local Victory Gardens.

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Milk Money

35 percent of food bank clients are children, and fresh milk is an essential component of growing children’s diets. Our Milk Money program enlists groups to raise some of the funds needed for monthly milk purchases.

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This program enlists sponsors to collect baby food or funds to purchase baby food and formula so our smallest and most vulnerable clients get fed.

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Food Drives

A food drive can be a wonderful thing! But not all food drives are created equal. Read these tips and tricks to make sure your food drive is a smashing success.

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