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winter 2020

“We can’t food bank our way out of poverty” is a quote I came by some time ago and I believe it’s correct, though not every food bank employee or volunteer agrees with that statement. It doesn’t mean we aren’t essential. Sadly, food banks meet a critical need for far too many food-insecure households. We can help with one of the symptoms of poverty—hunger—for the day or week of a client’s visit, but we are unlikely to help that household move out of poverty. Ending poverty will be a very long journey that will involve all sectors of society, and will require massive change to many systems.

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Government can really impact the lives of families we work with—in positive and negative ways. Bellingham Food Bank is looking to increase our voice when talking to elected officials. We hope our Advocacy Team will be ready and able to call or email elected officials concerning issues that impact our families.

2019 By The Numbers

Together, we grew hope. Here’s a glimpse at what we made happen in 2019.

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Gardening Guide

Interested in gardening? Our Gardening Guide is a great tool to help you grow fresh veggies right here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s got information about when to plant, where to plant, how to plant and so much more. If you’re thinking of gardening, or already do and just need some help, this guide is for you!

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