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Starting on Monday the 13th we would like community members to call county council members and highlight the importance of funding Food Banks.

Below is a list of contact information for each rep and their general focus. Please keep messages short, polite, and try to tailor to the interest of the representative if you can. Do not spam call or leave overly upsetting or threatening messages. If the council member is not available, please ask to leave a message.  Its quite common to feel anxious when calling, we recommend doing it with friend. You can even throw a dinner party where everyone calls together. Additionally it may be helpful to write yourself a script beforehand. There is a sample one below. Remember to have fun and we thank you for your involvement!

Whatcom County Council Contact List


Good afternoon (council member),

My name is _____ and I am a Whatcom County resident. I’m calling because I am really concerned about (insert name of local foodbank) and other food banks in the county. I have seen first hand the direct benefit and service food banks give to support (insert council member’s focus if applicable, if not say “Public Health”) of the community.

Please schedule a time in the county council meeting on Tuesday the 21st to speak with the Whatcom County Food Bank Network and fund food purchasing. [If you have personal anecdote share here. Anecdote topics may include: your experience with food banks, your experience with food banks as related to your identity/community, raising inflation and food costs, the impact of SNAP cuts, professional experience in public health or economics if applicable].

As Whatcom County residents face hard times, we need council members who will prioritize funding that feeds our community.  Thank you! (optional: If you have questions you may reach me at [your number or email])


Kaylee Galloway – Public Works & Health, Racial Equity

Todd Donovan – Transportation, Pollution & Environment

Barry Buchanan – Behavioral Health, Incarceration Prevention

Carol Frazey – Public Works & Health, Tribal Relations, Child & Family Well Being

Tyler Byrd – Planning & Development, Crime

Kathy Kershner – Public Works & Health, Economic Development

Ben Elenbaas – Resources & Defense

Thank you!

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