Receiving & Distribution

Schedule To Dock Your Shipment.

There can be multiple semi trucks pulling up to our back door on any day. To ensure the best experience, please schedule your large food drop-offs and pick-ups ahead of time with our Data Docks scheduler below! Just click “Request Access” to get started. If you drive a large box or semi truck, please view, print, or download the map on the right before docking to avoid delays.

If you need assistance please contact Alex at 360.676.0392 x 1011

Not Just A Pantry…
We Are A Regional Distribution Hub.

In addition to being the busiest food bank in the State of Washington, we distribute over 3 million lbs. of food every year to food banks in Whatcom County. These shipments often come from large redistributors like Northwest Harvest, Food Lifeline, and the Washington State Department of Agriculture. If you see pallets of food stacked at our back door it means there is a shipment ready to go out!

Food Sourcing

Feeding our community is a simple concept, but when you actually commit to it, it becomes complex with many people involved. We source food from national redistributors, state programs, local farms, local grocers, and food companies large and small. We also seek relationships with community organizations that support us through donations and funding so that we can sustainably provide high volumes of quality food that people want and need.

National & State Redistributors

Local Farms & Grocers

We purchase food from a variety of local farms. We deeply value our connections with farmers and prioritize purchasing from local BIPOC growers when we can. Highlighted below are Mariposa Farm, Cabrera Farms, and Coopertiva Tierra y Libertad. But there are many more local farms that we work with! We also purchase or do grocery rescue with nearby grocers like Charlie’s Produce, Trader Joes, and Avenue Bread.

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